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Publications at Princess Sumaya University For Technology (PSUT), Jordan 

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Founded in 1991, Princess Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT) is the only private and non-profit university in Jordan. It is owned by the Royal Scientific Society (RSS), the foremost applied research center in Jordan. Like RSS, PSUT is part of El Hassan Science City located in Amman, Jordan. PSUT''s main mission is to educate students and qualify them to pursue careers in the fields of information and communications technology (ICT), electronics, computer engineering, communication engineering, and business.


Journal Research Paper 

 Conference Paper   

  • Protecting Critical National Infrastructures: An Overview of Cyber Attacks and Countermeasures.
    • ACCEPTED, 7th World Conference on Smart Trends in Systems, Security and Sustainability (7th WorldS4 2023), Lecture Notes In Network Systems (LNNS), Springer, 2023.


  • Enhancing Password Security via Supervised Learning.
    • ACCEPTED, 11th IEEE 2023 International Conference on Information Technology (ICIT), IEEE, 2023. 


  • Enhancing Financial System Resilience Against Cyber Threats via SWIFT Customer Security Framework.
    • ACCEPTED, 11th IEEE 2023 International Conference on Information Technology (ICIT), IEEE, 2023.  


  • An empirical study on utilizing online k-means clustering for intrusion detection purposes.
    • ACCEPTED, 5th International Conference on Smart Applications, Communications and Networking 2023 (SmartNets 2023), IEEE, 2023. 


  • UNI-CERT: A Unified Computer Emergency Response Teams Model for Malware Information Sharing Platform.
    • ACCEPTED, 2023 IEEE 5th International Conference on Power, Intelligent Computing and Systems (ICPICS 2023), IEEE, 2023. 


  • Towards Detecting Digital Criminal Activities Using File System Analysis.
    • 4th International Conference on Data Analytics & Management (ICDAM-2023), Lecture Notes In Network Systems (LNNS), Springer, 2023. 


  • Facilitating Secure Web Browsing By Utilizing Supervised Filtration of Malicious URLs.
    • International Conference on IoT Based Control Networks and Intelligent Systems (ICICNIS 2023), Lecture Notes In Network Systems (LNNS), Springer, 2023. 



  • Analyzing Malware From API Call Sequences Using Support Vector Machines.
    • International Conference on Cybersecurity, Cybercrimes, & Smart Emerging Technologies (ICCCSET2022).Engineering Cyber-Physical Systems and Critical Infrastructures. Springer, 2022. 















Book Chapter



  • Chapter: SysML Based Design of Autonomous Multi-Robot Cyber-Physical System Using Smart IoT Modules: A Case Study, Book Title: Machine Learning Techniques for Smart City Applications: Trends and Solutions.

    • To Appear, Advances in Science, Technology & Innovation, Springer, 2022. (Scopus)




PSUT University 

Princess Sumaya University for Technology

Khalil Saket Street

Al-Jubaiha 11941

P.O. Box 1438



Tel : +962-6-535-9949

Fax: +962-6-534-7295

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